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Why choose Philco Guttering?

Since 2008, Philco Guttering has served hundreds of homeowners in and around Lawrence by crafting superior guttering systems of true quality. These warrantied systems have added a beautiful trim appeal to homes while protecting them from the damaging and costly effects of rain, ice, and snow.

Much of this achievement comes from our modest size. With no more than four employees, the owner Phil Rutledge, is busily involved in every facet of the business. Phil is who you speak with for an initial estimate; who you meet for an inspection of your home’s exterior; who determines the working configuration of a new guttering system; who leads each and every installation; and who is readily available for any follow-up service you may request.

Philco Guttering insists on providing only the best in guttering systems. We use only quality warrantied materials from reputable manufacturers. With our emphasis on “craftsmanship” over mere “labor”, Philco Guttering installers skillfully craft a sealed system for you. This includes: tight hand-mitered trough corners; riveted downspout and corner seams; and the painstaking use of precision tools such as levels and angle-finders to ensure your new guttering system functions with both beauty and longevity. We are proud to stand behind our warrantied workmanship.

Services provided:

  • Installation of full guttering systems
  • Clean-outs and repairs
  • Debris protection
  • Both 5” and 6” gutter trough sizes
  • Standard and large size downspouts
  • Fully insured for your legal protection
Give us a call as you consider how best to protect your home from rain-water damage.

Philco Guttering

“We put rain in its place.”

“Phil is the best at what he does. He installed a new 6″ seamless guttering system to replace our 5″ seamed gutters and downspouts. He developed a plan that included the removal of the “eye sore” gutters from our front porch. This significantly improved our home’s curb appeal and rain water management. Phil is really a “gutter system architect”. He is kind, professional and courteous. His pricing is well worth the added value.”
– Joe Tindall

“Thanks Phil. You all did an awesome job. The guttering looks nice and functional. Thanks for cleaning up and taking care not to damage the plants around the landscape. I will continue to pass your name to my clients and friends. Keep in touch.”
– Cactusman102

“Phil is great, very affordable and quality work. When you call the phone number you get Phil, and Phil will give you an estimate, and most of the time he will do the install. We have used him for both our home and our business and have had great experiences…”
– Mike Willoughby

“Phil Rutledge is a very professional and friendly contractor. He uses quality guttering and the installation is quick and efficient. Phil and his crew are great to work with and the work and product are well worth the money spent.”
– Lesa Weller

“Phil was great! He came out and gave us an estimate and within a week he was here taking care of the job. He gave us all sorts of options and even discussed possible things to correct for the future if we decided to do so.

One of things that really impressed me was when Phil found a Dove nest in the gutter he was replacing (with newly hatched babies). He cut out the whole section of gutter and relocated it (nest and all) to a nearby apple tree. At first we were afraid the mother would never come back, but we’re glad to report mama bird returned this evening and all are doing well.”
– Angie’s List Review

“Phil came to give me an estimate to replace some guttering. Because of a complication related to the roof, I decided to postpone that work. Phil said, “Well, I think I can at least make the situation better” and spent 20 minutes helping me for no charge. He also spent a lot of time talking about different places and ways I might attach a rain barrel.

In short, he was incredibly generous with his time and received no personal benefit. I trusted him; he wants to do the right thing and do it well.”
– Angie’s List Review

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